Ilke Uguz, David Ohayon, Sinan Yilmaz, Sophie Griggs, Rajendar Sheelamanthula, Jason D. Fabbri, Iain McCulloch, Sahika Inal, Kenneth L. Shepard. Complementary integration of organic electrochemical transistors for front-end amplifier circuits of flexible neural implants. 22 March 2024, Materials science.

The development of neural probes, capable of on-site amplification and signal conditioning of neuronal signals, has been an increasingly important focus of neurotechnology research in the past few decades (1–3). However, the current state-of-the-art, silicon-based technology is limited by the rigidity of the implants where the hard electrodes do not match the softness and the constant, dynamic movement of the brain, creating damage upon implantation and chronic inflammation (4). Here, we instead develop integrated circuits for this front-end analog signal processing in neural recording applications using soft, flexible semiconductors with dual ionic-electronic conductivity.