Inanc Meric, Cory R. Dean, Andrea F. Young, Natalia Baklitskaya, Noah J. Tremblay, Colin Nuckolls, Philip Kim, and Kenneth L. Shepard, “Channel Length Scaling in Graphene Field-Effect Transistors Studied with Pulsed Current−Voltage Measurements,” Nano Letters 11(3), pp. 1093-1097, 2011.

We investigate current saturation at short channel lengths in graphene field-effect transistors (GFETs). Saturation is necessary to achieve low-output conductance required for device power gain. Dual-channel pulsed current-voltage measurements are performed to eliminate the significant effects of trapped charge in the gate dielectric, a problem common to all oxide-based dielectric films on graphene. With pulsed measurements, graphene transistors with channel lengths as small as 130 nm achieve output conductance as low as 0.3 mS/μm in saturation. The transconductance of the devices is independent of channel length, consistent with a velocity saturation model of high-field transport. Saturation velocities have a density dependence consistent with diffusive transport limited by optical phonon emission.