J. K. Rosenstein, S. Ramakrishnan, J. Roseman, and K. L. Shepard, “Single ion channel recordings with CMOS-anchored lipid membranes,” Nano Letters, Advanced On Line publication (May 1, 2013)

We present single-ion-channel recordings performed with biomimetic lipid membranes which are directly attached to the surface of a complementary metal−oxide−semiconductor (CMOS) preamplifier chip. With this system we resolve single-channel currents from several types of bacterial ion channels, including fluctuations of a single alamethicin channel at a bandwidth of 1 MHz which represent the fastest single-ion-channel recordings reported to date. The platform is also used for high-resolution α-hemolysin nanopore recordings. These results illustrate the high signal fidelity, fine temporal resolution, small geometry, and multiplexed integration which can be achieved by leveraging integrated semiconductor platforms for advanced ion channel interfaces.