Michael Lekas, Sunwoo Lee, Changyao Chen, Wu-Joon Cha, Karthik Ayyagari, James Hone, Kenneth Shepard, Stress-enhanced chemical vapor deposited graphene NEMS RF resonators. IEEE 543-546 (2013). European Frequency and Time Forum & International Frequency Control Symposium (EFTF/IFC), 2013 Joint

In this work we present room-temperature measurements of graphene nanoelectromechanical resonators (GN-ERs) demonstrating quality factors (Qs) greater than 200 at resonance. A nominal resonant frequency (fo) of 200 MHz is attained by applying strain to the suspended graphene using an SU-8 polymer clamp. Additionally, the device fo can be tuned by more than 5% by application of a DC gate bias on the order of 5V. Chemical vapor deposited (CVD) graphene is used to demonstrate the scalability of the process.