Y. Zhang, M. Sun, D. Piedra, J. Hu, Z. Liu, Y. Lin, X. Gao, K. Shepard, and T. Palacios. 1200 V GaN Vertical Fin Power Field-Effect Transistors. Proceedings of the International Electron Devices Meeting, 2016.

We demonstrate record performance in a novel normally-off GaN vertical transistor with submicron finshaped channels. This vertical fin transistor only needs nGaN layers, with no requirement for epitaxial regrowth or pGaN layers. A specific on-resistance of 0.2 mΩ·cm2 and a breakdown voltage over 1200 V have been demonstrated with extremely high ON current (over 25 kA/cm2) and low OFF current at 1200 V (below 10-4 A/cm2), rendering an excellent Baliga’s figure of merit up to 7.2 GW/cm2. A threshold voltage of 1 V was achieved and was stable up to 150 oC.Large devices with high current up to 10 A and breakdown voltage over 800 V were also demonstrated. These results show the great potential of GaN vertical fin transistors for high-current and high-voltage power applications.