K. L. Shepard, I. Meric, and P. Kim, “Characterization and modeling of graphene field-effect devices,” Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer-Aided Design, 2008, pp. 406-411.

The novel electronic properties of graphene, including a linear energy dispersion relation and purely two-dimensional structure, have led to intense research into possible applications of this material in nanoscale devices. In this paper, we review the unique electronic properties of graphene that give it the potential for high-frequency electronic applications. We then present the latest results on the current- voltage characteristics of top-gated graphene FETs. These devices show unique characteristics related to the ambipolar nature of the graphene channel. In addition, the devices show very high saturation velocities, suggesting the possibility for superior high frequency performance. Our initia al devices have transconductances as high as 150 µS/µm despite low on-off current ratios, making the devices very suitable for analog/RF applications