Rosenstein, J.; Ray, V.; Drndic, M.; Shepard, K.L.; “Solid-state nanopores integrated with low-noise preamplifiers for high-bandwidth DNA analysis,” IEEE/NIH Life Science Systems and Applications Workshop (LiSSA), 2011.

Nanopore sensing platforms have been limited in bandwidth and noise performance by the use of external measurement electronics with significant parasitic impedances. In this work, we describe progress toward integrating detection electronics with solid-state nanopore sensors. This new platform for high-bandwidth single molecule electrochemical DNA analysis includes a low-noise 8-channel 0.13µm CMOS preamplifier with integrated Ag/AgCl microelectrodes. We also demonstrate monolithic integration of solid-state nanopores in the amplifier chip. This arrangement provides an opportunity to extend the useful bandwidth of nanopore sensors by a factor of ten or more.